Thrifty & nifty


Looks made possible by by Shop Rare. Photo courtesy of Shop Rare

Devin De Leon

Locals artisans gather for a night of thrifting.


Local thrifters looking for an outfit or accessory that can’t be found at La Cantera or Ingram are in luck! This Sunday, Jan. 21, Shop Rare Marketplace will host vendors selling vintage chic items ranging from clothing, photos, paintings and handcrafted jewelry at 2126 N. St. Mary’s street (across from Phantom Room).  The event will take place from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is free entry with an RSVP on Facebook to the event.  If you do not have a Facebook, you can still gain free entry if you post a flyer to the event on Instagram, which can be found on Shop Rare’s Instagram page. However, if you aren’t on either social platform, it is a five-dollar admission.

This night marks the first time that Shop Rare will provide complimentary drinks.  Austin Eastciders will be providing their crisp ciders and fellow sponsor Topo Chico will be handing out their mineral water.  There will be 30 vendors present and music provided by DJ Jonny and David Castle. The event is all ages, has free parking and is dog friendly.  Furthermore, there will be vegan food provided by Snacrificial Offerings and Local Veg.

2017 Shop Rare marketplace at Brick. Photo courtesy of Shop Rare


Shop Rare has brought in over 15 new vendors to this event, their largest event to date, most of whom from San Antonio.

Shop Rare Marketplace was formed in September of 2016, by UTSA alumni Katalya Bustos and Kirstine Haynes.  For years, Bustos and Haynes often sold vintage material at the monthly event, First Friday, in Southtown.  Bustos and Haynes found considerable success at First Friday.However, despite their success, they still felt that more could be done.  So they decided to host their own events and bring in as many vendors as they could to sell vintage chic items. Bustos and Haynes main concern is to provide an event where people can enjoy themselves and find chic items that are not sold at any local mall.