The Paisano

Thrifty & nifty

Looks made possible by by Shop Rare. Photo courtesy of Shop Rare

Devin De Leon

January 18, 2018

Locals artisans gather for a night of thrifting.   Local thrifters looking for an outfit or accessory that can’t be found at La Cantera or Ingram are in luck! This Sunday, Jan. 21, Shop Rare Marketplace will host vendors selling vintage chic items ranging from clothing, photos, paintings and hand...

Cementing their identity

Founders Karen and Eddy Rios open up shop and gallery at Blue star Arts Complex. Photo Courtesy of Creative Creatures

Katrina Clements

November 29, 2017

Creative Creatures, local art duo, open new gallery, shop, and studio. The beginning of the month in San Antonio always entails something exciting. Every first Friday of the month, there is a variety of free events and shops that pop up at and around the Blue Star Arts Complex. This upcoming ...

Booty Feet, Hikes, Hawks of Holy Rosary

Booty Feet performing. Photos by Ryan Thompson/ The Paisano

Ryan Thompson

November 10, 2017

When three local Texas bands with unique and euphoric sounds collide for a night to amplify each others energy, you don’t want to miss it. Hikes, a band native to Austin, The Hawks of Holy Rosary and Booty Feet, both native to San Antonio, make a return to the beloved city jewel, Brick at Blue...

Thee crypt open

Artists and vendors will line every inch of Brick on Oct. 13. Photo courtesy of Creative Creatures

Katrina Clements

October 4, 2017

When Friday the 13th comes to mind so too does ominous horror movies, black cats and bad luck, but this year, it will be nothing but buzz about Tales from the Creative Crypt. Creative Creatures, curators of the event, are a local duo made to fuse the San Antonio and surrounding areas’ art and music ...

No acid required

Voodoo Boogaloo plays at Vol. I last year. Courtesy of Rhizomorph Productions

Audrey Vela

September 27, 2017

Rhizomorph Productions return with second installation of the interactive Liquid Sunshine Experience. On Sept. 29, lights, liquids and local music will wash over Brick at Blue Star, and you are the star. Rhizomorph Production’s Liquid Sunshine Experience is making its comeback after a successful first...

Art students ‘WOW!’ SA

“Leo” by Jasmine & Amanda Barillos.  Photos by Raquel Alonzo

Raquel E. Alonzo

March 8, 2017

On Thursday Mar. 2, CAM WOW! stunned art-goers at Brick with their installations just in time for Contemporary Art Month. UTSA assistant professor Mark McCoin’s class of advanced new media art program students put together the show and WOWed audience members. The class showed off their interdisciplinary...

San Antonio gets freaky for fetish & fashion event

Fashion show displays people tied up for BDSM.         Raquel E. Alonzo, The Paisano

Raquel E. Alonzo

February 15, 2017

A room filled with adults of all shapes and sizes gathered on Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Brick at Blue Star to celebrate a love for leather, rope and lace. “The Art of Fetish & Fashion,” presented by the boutique La Santa Luna was a night filled with enough BDSM themed fashion to curb anyone’s app...

‘Creative Creatures vs. The Universe’ rocks the Brick at Blue Star

Enrique Bonilla, The Paisano

Enrique Bonilla

January 18, 2017

Brick at Blue Star created the perfect scene for “Creative Creature vs. The Universe,” the 3rd anniversary celebration of Creative Creatures. Founded by Karen and Eddy Rios in Jan.2014, Creative Creatures brings together artists to monthly and quarterly showcases. Sparked by a lack of activity in the Sa...