San Antonio gets freaky for fetish & fashion event


Fashion show displays people tied up for BDSM. Raquel E. Alonzo, The Paisano

Raquel E. Alonzo

A room filled with adults of all shapes and sizes gathered on Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Brick at Blue Star to celebrate a love for leather, rope and lace. “The Art of Fetish & Fashion,” presented by the boutique La Santa Luna was a night filled with enough BDSM themed fashion to curb anyone’s appetite for all things sexually taboo.

Attendees wore their sexiest clothing: bustiers, corsets, fishnets, six inch pumps, leotards, garter belts and the list goes on. A handful of women sported a latex bunny mask—which Ariana Grande popularized with the art for her latest album, “Dangerous Woman.”

Photographs and artwork were placed along the walls of the venue. Women and men were shown in photographs tied up, strung up and done up in the comfort of a single room. Along with the art and photos displayed, artists and photographers were selling their work for attendees to take home after the night of fun.

Vendors from stores such as La Santa Luna were selling their products at the event for those who wanted to expand their collections. Toys, chokers and masquerade masks were being sold throughout the night—people were even wearing their purchases as soon as they bought them.

The host for the night was performer Wayne Holtz. Between his sets, he waltzed onto the runway with an article of clothing missing every time to tease the audience. Holtz was greeted with a raucous applause from the crowd as his fellow San Antonians begged him to dance and sing more. His performances were breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Some of the burlesque shows performed included a woman sticking nails, scissors and power drills up her nose; the same woman spinning around in a circle while holding a rope in her mouth with a keg at the end; another woman who extinguished fires in her mouth; and another woman who squatted and held a weight between her legs…well, you get the picture.

The music during the fashion shows switched between eerie, sensual music from artists such as Lana Del Rey, to upbeat techno tracks such as the iconic “Smack My B**** Up” by Prodigy, known for its misinterpreted lyrics “Snap my picture.”

The Brick was a full house with everyone inching as close as they could to the runway for a chance to see the intricate and gorgeous BDSM inspired clothing. Models of different body types and color worked the runway as they flaunted their astonishing sets of lingerie paired with ropes, riding crops, tassels and much more.

To top off the night, there was a gorgeous black and gold backdrop for attendees to get their photos professionally taken, a “pleasure room” where people could get spanked and free condoms for people to take as they left the venue.

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