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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

San Antonio: the (big) little city that could

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San Antonio’s future is bright. In 2016, the city was listed by The Huffington Post as one of the five most underrated cities in the United States along with places like Pittsburg, Birmingham, Raleigh and Salt Lake City.

The Huffington Post report, which gathered information from a Condé Nast “Traveler,” ranked San Antonio as number three on the list. It included the Briscoe Western Art Museum, the Pearl Brewery Complex, the Spanish Colonial Missions and Hotel Emma as a few of the many exciting destinations that are propelling San Antonio’s fame as a “destination city.”

San Antonio’s progress has been evident in recent years and is something I find highly accredited to its growing millennial population. From chic coffee shops to the Alamo to an expanse of outdoor activities, San Antonio’s attributes encompass much of what a big city has to offer and yet maintain a small-town feel.

In comparison to its large, friendly and also densely millennial-populated neighbor Austin, San Antonio’s story is an unfolding one, infused with history and authenticity.

As a native Houstonian, I had not thought much about spending time in our good ‘ole Alamo City until moving here this past August. I discovered that San Antonio is indeed a city that’s true to its rich culture.

So, in the kindest wording possible: move over Austin, San Antonio is where it’s really at. Following my comparison of the two cities themselves,

The University of Texas at San Antonio is frequently viewed as a secondary option to The University at Austin for those seeking higher education.

Despite this, I find there to be more equality amongst these institutions than is readily apparent.

Although the Austin campus is the flagship of the University of Texas System, which in turn makes it larger, more established and more difficult to be admitted to, the San Antonio campus offers less expensive tuition, significantly better financial aid and a more diverse, authentic community.

No other city offers such an expansive palette of history and modern amenities as does San Antonio: it is home to the iconic Alamo, within whose walls lie the stories of epic Texas heroics. Only here can one find the best breakfast tacos, a gateway to the beautiful Texas Hill Country

and the Riverwalk—a delight that winds through the heart of the city beckoning year-round visitors. The Pearl Brewery Complex is the epitome of repurposing a historic site into a modern-day mix of high-end retail ventures that cater to all ages. It’s no wonder why San Antonio ranks as the most popular location for conventions nationwide according to a 2016 Smart Meetings article.

As specific locations and life styles cater to different people, one city or school is no better than the other at the end of the day. I only wish to say I am not alone when I feel San Antonio deserves more recognition than it gets. Go Spurs Go, Birds Up and remember the Alamo, y’all.

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