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The proposed plan will increase the grounds to 12 acres and add 63 new trees while retaining current trees. Chase Otero/The Paisano

Ciudad, a crecer: Alamo amnesia

Gaige Davila February 6, 2018

300 year old San Antonio landmark to receive controversial $400 million renovation.   Judging from most public school textbooks, we do not remember the Alamo. The City of San Antonio and the...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

San Antonio: the (big) little city that could

Mackenzie Dyer January 31, 2018

San Antonio’s future is bright. In 2016, the city was listed by The Huffington Post as one of the five most underrated cities in the United States along with places like Pittsburg, Birmingham, Raleigh...


We “Remember the Alamo…” but do we remember correctly? (Commentary)

Raquel Zuniga April 20, 2017

Since I was born and raised in San Antonio, you would think that I have some basic knowledge of the weeklong event in April that takes place in the heart of my hometown, right? Wrong. Growing up, I would...

Debate on future of the Alamo

September 24, 2013

Photo Credit: Randy Lopez Concerned citizens gathered at the UTSA Downtown Campus Thursday, Sept. 19 for a town hall meeting to discuss the future of Alamo Plaza. The town hall meeting...

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