How to Get Lost: Hiking and Biking Around San Antonio


Photo courtesy of Natalie Hollenbeck

Natalie Hollenbeck

College is a stressful environment submitting students to sensory overload. Many students decrease stress or clear their mind via exercise, increasing their endorphins and momentarily subsiding their overpowering stress. For those of you who enjoy exercising outdoors. The following list of recommendations has great locations for your hiking and biking needs.

Hill Country State Natural Area – Bandera, Texas

Looking for a challenging hike? Something that will make your legs scream the next day? Located 46.7 miles from the UTSA main campus, this state park provides breath-taking views and rocky landscapes everyone can enjoy. Make sure to bring the appropriate footwear as the rocky footpaths are sure to tear up a normal pair of sneakers. 

Leon Creek Greenway

This paved Greenway is ideal for a bike-ride getaway not too far from school. Two miles from the 1604 campus, this is the most convenient option for students lacking gas money or time. These lengthy trails are sure to give anyone their nature fix while providing a quick, free and fun-filled workout. 

Natalie Hollenbeck/The Paisano

Government Canyon State Natural Area

This vast state park covers over 12,000 acres of protected wilderness. 12.5 miles from UTSA, this is the largest hiking spot in San Antonio. In terms of convenience, Government Canyon is the closest and biggest hiking spot near UTSA. Eisenhower Park may be closer, but the experience is incomparable. Be sure to bring your best hiking shoes as these trails range from soft dirt paths to rocky back-breakers. 

Salado Creek Greenway

Located on the northeast side of San Antonio, this biking trail has it all. This trail features skyscraper-like oak, pecan and cedar elm trees to shade you in the warmer months. The creek itself is home to fish and turtles. This is the longest bike path within San Antonio, if you plan on an extended bike ride be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

For those seeking a weekend adventure with friends, take the 74.7 mile hike drive to hike the largest granite hill in Southern Texas. The view is well worth the wait, and is highly recommended by any previous hiker. Be sure to take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water, this steep incline is not for the light-hearted. 

Natalie Hollenbeck/The Paisano