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How to Get Lost: Hiking and Biking Around San Antonio

Photo courtesy of Natalie Hollenbeck

Natalie Hollenbeck

May 20, 2018

College is a stressful environment submitting students to sensory overload. Many students decrease stress or clear their mind via exercise, increasing their endorphins and momentarily subsiding their overpowering stress. For those of you who enjoy exercising outdoors. The following list of recommendations...

Climbers take on nature’s greatest competition

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Oxford climbers spend a day bouldering in Castle Hill, New Zealand. Bouldering is a type of climbing without ropes or harnesses. The distance is usually short enough that a crash pad can be used to cushion the fall. Photo courtesy of David Matalon

Anthony Suniga

November 10, 2016

Rock climbing invites people into nature’s greatest competition. Climbers can gaze upon the rock face and think long and carefully about how to conquer the rock. The physical and mental nature of climbing gives the climber an opportunity to move past their ordinary life and tackle something greater th...