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The Paisano

Additional commuter parking spaces

UTSA East Campus Map.
Photo courtesy of UTSA
UTSA East Campus Map. Photo courtesy of UTSA

Parking will expand near East Campus for Fall 2018 

UTSA will be providing additional parking spaces for commuter students on the main campus by Fall 2018. 

Campus Services is managing the construction of the East Campus Lot 3, which will be located on the side of campus near Valero Way. The new parking lot will adjoin the existing East Campus Lots, and provide immediate access to the ‘Runner shuttle service.

“As more students choose to pursue an education at UTSA, the university explores new ways to adapt to that growth,” said Burt Reynolds, director of Campus Services. “The new East Campus Lot will provide more than 800 parking spaces for students who travel to the main campus for classes.”

Additionally, the ‘Runner buses will be moved from their current parking spots at the back of Brackenridge Lot 2 to a newly constructed bus depot near the east campus lots. This move will add approximately 80 commuter parking spaces to Brackenridge Lot 2. 

The new lot and relocated ‘Runner buses are designed to reduce parking and traffic congestion during peak hours, typically 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Jacqueline Rivera, a sophomore pre-nursing major, thinks UTSA will benefit from this new project. 

“(Parking) It’s a huge problem at UTSA,” Rivera said. “I feel like adding 800 more spots would definitely help the student body and the staff get to class on time and anywhere else they’re going.”

UTSA Brakenridge Parking Lot 1.
Ricky Galindo/The Paisano

Sabrina Sanchez, a junior multidisciplinary science major, agrees. “I think it’s a good thing happening. But, I hope, only because I have yet to look into it more, that they also add more shuttles to the on-campus routes,” Sanchez said. 

To offset the environmental impact created by this construction, UTSA will plant 75 trees near East Campus Lot 3 and throughout the main campus. UTSA will join in the citywide effort to increase plant life. 

Within the year, San Antonio plans to add 225 trees throughout the city. Additionally, mulch from the construction area will be relocated throughout the main campus in an effort to reuse the material along existing trails. 

UTSA students, faculty and staff can purchase parking permits for the 2018-2019 academic year through MyParking, and have the option to pay later. Students can add the cost to their tuition and fees or pay the full amount. Students can purchase their parking permits throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. If students are unsure which permit to select, Campus Services’ permit wizard can determine the best permit to fulfill their needs. Permits begin mailing out on Aug. 1.

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