Student Spotlight: Jyron Joseph

Student Spotlight: Jyron Joseph

Triston Simpson-Bland

Jyron Joseph, a UTSA senior music major and member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, was nominated as a representative for the National Collegiate Province and won the election by a vast majority. Joseph will be holding this position for the next three years, meaning he is the liaison between the national executive committee and the average brother across the nation. 

Joseph believes his new position allows him to educate minority students. “I can bring up new programs that brothers want, like teaching them how to pay back loans with the board of executives to see if it’s worth pursuing. I also want to educate my brothers throughout the nation about the cultures of HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and PWI [Predominantly White Institutions], so that I can unify them under one mantra,” which he calls “raising the song.” Joseph thinks that “raising the song for sinfonians does not just mean bringing awareness for things like diversity, equality and acceptance – but also actively working towards change everyday.” 

He plans on putting this into action by traveling to various schools throughout the nation to talk to the “average joe” sinfonian to see if they think they are making a difference. “If they believe they are not on track, I want to challenge them to do more,” Joseph said, “Doing this will unify us and help Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonians put a face to the name.” 

Jyron Joseph also has plans that are more local to UTSA, he explained this by saying “I want to change people’s perspectives of fraternities and sororities.” Joseph “no longer wants them to be seen as a group that only drinks and parties.” 

“We are individuals that live by ideals. For us, our mantra is to uplift mankind with the power of music.” 

Joseph wants people to know “what they do, have done and will continue to do is bring change to improve people’s lives with music.” 

Ossian E Mills, the founder of Phi Mu Alpha, stated, “This is it to be a man of the highest type. To be and not seem; to do and not simply to talk; to have the right ideal, the true motive and patiently to transform conduct in accordance with it.”