New Year, New Eats


Graphic courtesy of Paisano staff

Kimiya Factory

UTSA implements new dining options for fall 2018

This Fall, UTSA welcomes back students with a broad variety of new dining options, even answering requests for vegetarian and healthy options. According to UTSA Today, the approaching school year is filled with promise for students with an appetite and budget, now offering combo meals ranging from $5 to $6.

Hillary Klingman, director of operations for UTSA Campus Services, weighs in on why new dining options have come to UTSA, “Campus Services and UTSA Dining regularly assess dining venues on campus to determine if services are still meeting the demands of the campus community. The renovations and additions performed this summer will offer increased diversity, more value-priced options and menus that reflect student feedback.”

Over the summer, UTSA Dining provided renovations in the John Peace Library (JPL) at UTSA, to ensure a more spacious setting for students seeking lunch during the busy school day. Of the major renovations, the most noticeable is the entire section that was previously occupied by Sushic, which has now been completely cleared out and moved to the location that Papa John’s previously occupied. A large amount of space is left for students familiar with long lines for Steak & Shake, Chick-fil-a and Smoothie King. Not only does this allow more space for students waiting in line for food, but Chick-fil-a now offers additions to the menu that it hadn’t before, such as milkshakes.

Goodbye to Taco Taco and Mooyah Burgers

Chick-fil-A is located in the John Peace Library food court.
Courtesy of Kimiya Factory/The Paisano

The Sombrilla and Student Union (SU) also promise students tastier options; Rowdy Curbside, UTSA’s food truck will occupy The Sombrilla, offering a variety of Tex-Mex options such as nachos during later hours at the library to breakfast tacos for students with morning classes. While UTSA students’ favorite and most frequently visited food options, such as Starbucks and Panda Express, will remain in the Student Union food court, several less frequently visited food spots in the area will be subject to change with more promise for students’ preferences. Mooyah will be replaced by Slice Pizza and Wings that offer $5 and $6 combos with pizza, wings, salads, milkshakes, calzones, Stromboli and vegetarian options to choose from.

The Rowdy’s Global Kitchen will be open on August 22.
Courtesy of Kimiya Factory/The Paisano

Taco Taco will be replaced by Rowdy’s Global Kitchen, featuring Indian and Mediterranean food options. Of the Global Cuisine options presented at Rowdy’s Global Kitchen, vegetarian and healthy options will also be available for students who prefer fresh items during the busy school week.

 “The vegetarian options on campus make me more satisfied in choosing lunch on campus, especially because people are starting to be on a vegetarian wave, I’m glad to see that UTSA is catering to their students,” senior kinesiology major, Morgan Allen said. “They not only replaced a place that was arguably unhealthy, but they’re giving students room to explore different cultures while making it exciting to eat healthy, what an experience!” 

All of UTSA’s new dining options will be open and ready to welcome students on the start of classes, August 22nd.