Can friends become lovers?


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Brent Davis

If best friends were to take that next step, would it be okay? Would they have a happy Hollywood ending or would it crash along with the friendship that was once shared? We all know that love can be a very blissful yet a very dangerous thing in college. Many of us go through college with at least one relationship, good or bad. What happens when you start to develop feelings for your close friend and want to take that next step with them? People say love is the only insanity which is acceptable in society, and makes us lose all rationality to do crazy things. However, when it comes to falling for a close friend, is the reward greater than the risk? 

Although dating a best friend is hard to comprehend at times, it can be argued that it is something many of us dream about. In reality, a best friend is what many people are looking for. How many times have we seen in movies or heard from older people that they married their best friend? Taking the next step could arguably be the most important decision in their lives. Maybe the bond they shared helped them get along. We understand the things we love and hate about our best friends. This could make the relationship stronger.

We may have fears of what may happen if it fails or the fear that the friendship may end. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself these questions: First, would you rather watch their feelings be lost and your friend find someone else to love? Could you handle watching your best friend getting hurt by someone else? Would that guilt eat you alive, knowing that you could have been better for them? Second, since your friendship is strong, it should survive a breakup, but will things become awkward afterwards? It really should not stop you from still remaining friends, there are some exceptions such as infidelity. Third, if we consider a future spouse a best friend, why are we so afraid of taking that next step? We know it will probably lead us to happiness. 

These are all good questions to ask. We should be willing to date a best friend and not ignore such feelings if a friend decides to ask us out. Remember, if you know them well enough and you get along, then why not be more open to giving them a chance if they make you happy. At the end of the day, we should all swallow our pride and give our best friends a chance to try and make us happy, or be brave enough to approach the situation. It could benefit both parties and lead to happiness if both are willing to take that risk.