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Big Sis: Spring Cleaning

Kimiya Factory March 27, 2019

The sun finally sets later, bees are back to chasing me for my Cantu hair products and heavy coats are no longer needed; springtime has officially arrived. For whatever reason, spring is accompanied...


Best and worst Thanksgiving foods

Triston Simpson-Bland November 14, 2018

It is almost time to grab your fat pants, stuff your face and end up in a food coma, because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This is the wonderful holiday where we stuff ourselves like balloons...

women wearing red lipstick and holding a pen

Big Sis Advice: Time is of the essence

Kimiya Factory November 14, 2018

The holidays are right around the corner, and I challenge you all to look beyond the surface level concept of gift-giving and material things by cherishing the one thing that Amazon can’t ship you: time...

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Can friends become lovers?

Brent Davis November 7, 2018

If best friends were to take that next step, would it be okay? Would they have a happy Hollywood ending or would it crash along with the friendship that was once shared? We all know that love can be a...


October 19, 2015

It might be the slurry mumble, or that beat with a heavy stumble, but whatever it is, MADEINTYO has it. The Atlanta music scene - yet again - takes another dub at full ease with the rise of...

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October 5, 2015

If you haven’t caught it yet, there is a new wave breezing over the Texas music scene and it is single-handedly taking over the game in a low key fashion. Robbie B, the Texas native rap pioneer, delivered...

The new Robbie B

September 22, 2015

Somewhere in Texas there’s a young Robbie B, a fake hippy rocking tie-dye. Somewhere in Texas there’s a young Steve Robs, a fake hippy rocking tie-dye. If the alias “Robbie...

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