Best and worst Thanksgiving foods


Thanksgiving. Courtesy of creative commons

Triston Simpson-Bland

It is almost time to grab your fat pants, stuff your face and end up in a food coma, because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This is the wonderful holiday where we stuff ourselves like balloons and say what we are thankful for. The tables will be stacked with all kinds of food, and I know y’all are ready. But, what exactly are y’all looking forward to? Is it that juicy turkey on the table or the mouth-watering stuffing?

Whatever your poison, I just want to put a few more foods on your radar so that you can pick the best dinner to attend. Something that is often overlooked in Thanksgiving meals is mac-n-cheese. The mac is the glue to everything on the table, and if your mac doesn’t have layers, I can’t eat with you. Beef up your meal with some of that three, four or five-layer mac and you won’t regret it.

However, you might regret eating that turkey. It may just be me, but I don’t see why people are always rushing to eat dry turkey. The best part of the turkey is gone once you eat the skin. But let me tell you this, if you have those Hawaiian rolls, it’s a wrap. Go ahead and get yourself a roll and some turkey, mix it with some mac-n-cheese and enjoy.

If y’all are trying to go crazy you should add some greens, a type of pie and mashed potatoes with gravy. This will have the whole family stuck at the table, sleeping happily and smiling. Please, please, leave the carrots and celery and that weird goo that  nobody can identify at the store. Nobody wants that on their plates, that’s lazy finger food. Live it up this year, get chicken, ham and turkey this time. Eat till your heart skips a beat and then eat some more. Eat till you go blind for a few seconds and then eat some more. Break your old record by eating six plates of food instead of five. Enjoy the break and stuff yourself to the brim, because that’s what the holiday is all about.