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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    The new Robbie B

    Robbie b

    Somewhere in Texas there’s a young Robbie B, a fake hippy rocking tie-dye.

    Somewhere in Texas there’s a young Steve Robs, a fake hippy rocking tie-dye.

    If the alias “Robbie B” fails to “ring a bell,” it’s okay; we’re with you. Robbie B is fairly new to the media outlets. “Somewhere in Texas” (everywhere potentially), Robbie B is making moves, cashing checks, cooking artillery with ASAP, and dropping albums. Yes, we said albums. After dropping only a couple of songs this year, Robbie B dropped his new album, “Somewhere In Texas”.

    “Somewhere in Texas” has the works of a true project and perhaps that is why the lucrative Robbie B managed to only keep us so entertained by revealing only two tracks this year. Prepared or not, the Texas project is a collab-galore packed with ASAP talent, Texas heat, and new vocals.

    The opening track, “Talk,” cannot get any better. From the get-go, we found ourselves reciting bars back to back to create a grungy feel. “Talk” keeps us talking, but it kept us flowing and for that exclusively, it is a FRIENDS’ favorite. The bangers continued with tracks like “Downerz” (feat. Malik White & ASAP Ant), and the kick-through-the-door feel, Texas native track “Back Then” (feat. G.U.N.). In “Back Then,” Robbie B and Dallas based rapper G.U.N reminisced about the old trap days and the heat absolutely went off. The track is a serious rager. Somewhere in Texas, we are bumping “Back Then”, on repeat. In other words, does the beat go off? Yeah that beat goes off.

    The Texas festivities continued with a collaboration in “Hopsotch” that brought nothing but a real Houston flow to the track. The MAXO flow followed by the Robbie hook makes it an automatic Texas favorite. The grungy steel from Robbie B finally begins settle in tracks like “Body” (feat. ASAP Ty Y) and makes room for the more enticing Robbie.

    A much more mellow and lucrative Robbie B enters the scene with a new-new vibe in “Make Up” (feat. Stazi). The song has the essence of a classic and a great a sing-a-long. The track is a hit as soon as he delivers “She was chewing me during school, guess that’s truancy,” (Which was the first bar delivered). The track becomes builds as the dark lyrics of a hopeless romantic surround that cold soul and creates that depressive hook. But Stazi’s vocals in the track had that Midas touch and essentially made the tune oh so soothing. Those Stazi notes left us pondering reciting, “Baby you should put your make up on to this”. Without hesitation, it is a FRIENDS’ favorite.

    That soothing and mellow effect flows through tracks like “Vibes” (feat Ben Waid) and “Fine With Me”. “Fine With Me” has the tunes for a classic for the mellow listeners. That new wave Robbie B was talking about show that were up for an encore in “Timeless” featuring the self-proclaimed Popeye and Yung Simmie. Providing quotable Texas favorites like “I’m sipping lean in Texas, I lean the other direction/ they searching like an inspection, I’m ducked off protected” Yung Simmie, Robbie B, and the rare Mike G collaboration comes together for a the waviest reggae hook we’ve heard in a long time. It’s a must listen.

    Robbie B and his outcast flow are perfect matches for songs like “Going Gone” where he demonstrates his ability to vibe and flow to any melody that’s given. A much more honest and personal Robbie B appears in the final portion of the project in tunes like “Steve Robbs” and “Beautiful Nation” where he pours out the true motive behind his misadventures and grieves on social issues in his surroundings in an impressive satirical fashion. In essence, this new Robbie B packs an impressive amount of heat, sing-alongs, and personal vibes with this new project. “Somewhere In Texas” was worth the wait. Enjoy this new wave and remember: We are your FRIENDS.



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