It might be the slurry mumble, or that beat with a heavy stumble, but whatever it is, MADEINTYO has it. The Atlanta music scene – yet again – takes another dub at full ease with the rise of Private Club Record’s member MADEINTYO. The Tokyo based rapper keeps discreet but his music is the new wave, and it’s BOOMIN. Following after the Atlanta movement, MADEINTYO provides bangers with alternative ad-libs and digitized animations that will have you dabbing neck-to-neck breaking necks. Hashtagged #SKR, the 5 track EP “You Are Forgiven” brings alternative trap to a viral surface due to the signature ad-libs and saucy hooks that MADEINTYO cooks up. “You Are Forgiven” is a gift to the turn-up, dabs, and new waves thanks to hits like “UBER EVERYWHERE” and “I WANT”.

“UBER EVERYWHERE” is gold from the minute the retro-bit intro hits the surface. We don’t know what it is about the track that makes it oh so saucy, but MADEINTYO got it like it that, and those are nothing but facts (SKR SKR) Like Uber, TYO is everywhere with this new hit.

Quotable: “Heard you was a lame boy get up off ma face”, “UBER everywhere (SKR SKR)”

Whether we talking hits, bangers, or sauce, “I WANT (SKR SKR)” is a FRIENDS’ favorite on all dimensions. The track is boomin’ and it’s undeniably hard to resist. Ironically, whatever you want, MADEINTYO provides in the dabbing-galore track.

Quotable: “I want it so ima go get it (SKR SKR)” “I wanna rock that Rick Owens, I want the rest to be blowing…Leather jacket with a long shirt, she whipping that wrist till her arm hurt” “SKRRR”

It might be the slur in the trap, it might be the signature (SKR SKR), or it might be “UBER Everywhere”, but whatever it is, MADEINTYO packs new waves and new hits that keep hitting surface. While our dearest FRIENDS search and dab for the Private Club singee, make sure to give MADEINTYO’s Soundcloud a full listen.


Twitter: @MDNTOKYO

-from an Uber in Texas: We are your FRIENDS.