UTSA course surveys


Graphic courtesy of Creative Commons

Kaylee Boggan

Course surveys opened Nov. 12 and closed on Nov. 26. Students were able to leave comments on how the class was instructed and rate the professor’s overall performance.

According to Steve Wilkerson, associate vice provost of UTSA’s Office of Institutional Research, “The purpose of the survey is to improve classes and instruction.”

Course surveys were available through ASAP and through the email sent to student emails. The availability of online course surveys is intended to make them easily accessible to students. Completing these surveys allows students to provide feedback that could potentially improve courses for future students.

“We have evaluated courses since the inception of the university,” Wilkerson said. “The instruments and processes have changed, but it is embedded in the fabric of the educational environment. As a community of scholars, this process is a key [for] faculty and students [in] improving courses and instruction.”

The Office of Institutional Research administers the surveys and distributes the results.

Students benefit from participating in course surveys; some professors offer extra credit for the completion of course surveys for their class.

“[Students learn] the ability to share anonymous constructive feedback to improve the educational experience,” Wilkerson said.

Course surveys also benefit the professors and allow them to improve their class instruction. “Faculty gain valuable input from students regarding the classroom experience,” Wilkerson said. “This information is used to improve pedagogy and content. Also, the results are part of the annual faculty evaluation process.”