UTSA hosts Success Walk


Students stand in line for refreshments. Joseph Torres / The Paisano

Joseph Torres

The Roadrunner Success Walk was held on UTSA Wednesday Jan. 16 as part of Roadrunner Days Spring Edition. The John Peace Library (JPL) and Multidisciplinary Studies (MS) Building provided open source information designed to promote student success on campus. The Roadrunner Success Walk aimed to bring awareness to students about educational resources available at UTSA.

This self-paced tour took place from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at four different student service locations inside the JPL and the MS Building. UTSA offers these services through a student funded program, also known as a student service fee, applied to tuition costs. These services are accessible to all students currently enrolled.

This event was accompanied with a prize drawing for students who checked in at all four locations: Academic Success Coaching, Library Services, Thomás Rivera Center (TRC) Tutoring Services and the TRC Supplemental Instruction Program. Light refreshments were provided at each location.

Academic Success Coaching is located at MS 1.02.02 on the Main Campus and Durango Building (DBB) 2.114 downtown. This service allows students to meet one-on-one with an academic coach who provides guidance. Lisa Johns, Director of Academic Success Coaching added, “Students can visit one or several times [as needed] for help getting organized” on several key study tools: note taking and time management. Academic coaches also provide several resource workshops throughout the semester that are walk-in friendly.

In the JPL, the Information Desk Library Services has resources that include: textbooks on reserve, laptops and headphones check out, study room reservations and more. Library Subject Specialists also provide support for many courses UTSA offers. For more information you can visit their website (lib.utsa.edu/services).

TRC Tutoring Services is located in JPL 2.01.12 at the second floor South Commons in the Quantitative Skills Lab or Q-lab. Tutoring is available for STEM courses: mathematics, engineering, physics, biology, chemistry and economics. Javier Cervantes, Lecturer I, said “The Q-Lab has excellent tutors and we encourage students to come early and often.” Students may also call ahead for tutoring availability information.

TRC Supplemental Instruction Program is located in JPL 4.02.08. For students taking historically difficult courses at UTSA, the program is available and offers weekly study sessions to promote student’s success on campus. The Supplemental Instructors (SI) are students who previously succeeded in the course. Students are encouraged to stop by for weekly study sessions.