Quick meals to make in college

Shelly Moreno

Ramen? Wendy’s 4 for $4 meal? Chips and soda from a vending machine? If you buy any of these items, stay tuned for more options. Since you continued reading, welcome to the club that consists of millions of college students who struggle to find the answer to this question: What do I eat? We often choose the cheapest and most convenient meals, but are they really effective? Shouldn’t we have a meal that consists of the following criteria: inexpensive, quick and tasty?

As someone who has a busy schedule, I don’t cook the best meals. Eating a store-bought meal between classes or a late night vending machine snack is not necessarily fulfilling. Whether you’re living at home with parents or on campus, finding inexpensive food you like is hard. So why don’t we just meal prep one night out of the week, you ask? Well, if we are being realistic, the majority of students who live on campus don’t even have the means to do so.

What is my solution? For breakfast lovers, buy pancake mix and follow the steps. If you have a coffee maker, use the heating element as a pan and cook away. Feeling risky? Try pressing down a cinnamon roll into a pancake and use the heating element again. To add eggs to this delicious breakfast, pour two eggs into a mug, whisk with a fork and place in microwave for three minutes. Lunch is always a struggle due to it being the busiest time of day for a college student. Not to worry, I have just what you need to fulfill your appetite while still getting your essay and homework done. Grab the coffee maker again, we are cooking up some noodles.

Place the noodles into the coffee jar with water and watch them cook into a quick and easy meal. Add some sauce from your local market. Feeling like you miss Chick-Fil-A and can’t live without a combo number two with pepper jack cheese? No need to fret. FarmRich has buffalo style boneless chicken that you can buy at your nearest H-E-B. Microwave as many as you want, add some burger buns and cheese and you’ve got yourself a low price chicken sandwich. I myself don’t like dinner as much. Not because I’m not hungry, but because I’m too lazy to make food that late in the day and still do more homework. For a quick meal, buy some potatoes, put one or two in the microwave for three minutes or until fully softened, then add butter and cheese.

I hope I helped you find what to eat today. To find more quick meals, try Pinterest, which is a college student’s best friend. After all, we are all trying to survive this Spring semester.