The Great Wall of San Antonio


Shelly Moreno

Why not celebrate this year’s Cinco de Mayo looking for a wall? No, not your bedroom wall or the bathroom wall. Nope, not the graffiti wall with the Loteria symbol of “La Escalera.” I mean the wall we have here in our city that has allegedly helped decrease crime, according to President Trump. Bring your tortilla chips and salsa. Bring the whole family down with the Loteria cards. This search party is going to take quite some time.

As a part of this community, I shall join the search party. San Antonians have taken it upon themselves to plan a very serious event to be held on May 5 to search for the city’s wall. This event was posted on a very important news outlet: Facebook. We all hear our most important news on Facebook like the revival of Jennifer Rivera. Don’t you just love it when your parents tell you news that they read on Facebook? I know, same. Such a great tool for news.

Not only is the president’s information regarding the wall in San Antonio evidently proven by himself, he used this information to back up his claim to build a wall on the border. He takes this stand due to his found knowledge of some statistics that state how San Antonio’s crime rate has decreased due to its wall.

If you have any intention to join the cause that shall change the future of our city, bring a flashlight to help us find it. Where is the wall you may ask? Well, it’s going to take about a million flashlights to be able to find such a wall. The only thing close to a wall in San Antonio is the Alamo, and we all know how that went.

My dear fellow Latinos, join this movement today. We deserve to see a great wall. Maybe light up a “Virgen de Guadalupe” candle to light the way to the wall. Such a wall should not be missed by us. As a Latina, I put my foot down and ask for some support for this event. Bring some churros. Let’s have a great night at the Alamo as we look for a wall that’s clearly not there.

Now, to my pleasant president, I have a few words for you. We San Antonians would like for you to send the coordinates of such wall. We’d like to commemorate such a sight. Mark the location in our phones in our favorites. Place some candles to appreciate the monument you have talked so much about. Please, we are all desperate to find this wall. We want to say thank you for all the great things you say you have done for our country, yet confuse our city with the border. What a great president you are to know your country’s border cities.

Oh, have we finally come to this? Our city finally has something for our tourists to see. What a great city, what a great wall we have in San Antonio.

Yet, the only wall I know of is between our president and our voices. He just doesn’t seem to understand what we want.