Nine faculty members honored for teaching


Seventy-two faculty members from various University of Texas institutions were recognized Aug. 11 by the Board of Regents for outstanding teaching and will share $2 million in awards. Nine of those faculty members are from UTSA.

“On behalf of myself, Provost John Frederick and the entire UTSA community, I want to extend my hearty congratulations to these nine faculty members,” UTSA President Ricardo Romo said. “We are so pleased to see their accomplishments in the classroom are being recognized and celebrated, and we thank them for the dedication they show to our students every day.”

Kolleen Guy, associate pro-fessor of history, said that she was nominated for the Regents award last year and did not win.

“This year I felt very confident. Nonetheless, I was giving a lecture in the Netherlands and kept getting e-mails from people congratulating me, but I was up for a couple of different awards so didn’t know what they were congratulating me for. It took another week before I got any official letter,” Guy said.

Guy’s expertise focuses on food products that go global.

“In class, I talk about the development of cultures of food abundance such as in the US) and pockets of dearth (places where we see periodic famine). These things are connected with environment and, as our global environment changes, so, too, do food regimes. I also teach about the culture of food–how food gets linked to our identities,” Guy said.

Thomas Cannon, senior Marketing lecturer, said that he has a simple teaching philosophy: “Employers don’t care about theory. They want employees who know how to get things done,” Cannon said.