UTSA adopts two new campus names; Main and Park West

Known as the UTSA 1604 Campus since the mid-1990s, UTSA President Ricardo Romo announces that the campus now officially will be designated as the UTSA Main Campus. Additionally, the 125-acre tract added to the Main Campus in 2007 has been designated as UTSA Park West. Located northeast of the intersection of Loop 1604 West and Hausman Road, UTSA Park West will be home to athletics facilities.

The Main Campus has made a significant transition from a commuter campus to a more traditional university setting. The most important element of identification for this campus now is its stature as a significant public institution of higher education and not the roadway on which it is located.

The name for the UTSA Downtown Campus will not change. Its name already recognizes the importance of its location and readily identifies the campus.

The third UTSA campus housing the Institute of Texan Cultures previously had no campus designation. To enhance the image of this campus as one of UTSA’s three campuses and to accurately reflect its historical roots, the ITC museum site is now the UTSA HemisFair Park Campus.

In February 2008, UTSA officials hired Austin-based consulting firm Barnes Gromatszky Kosarek Architects to create the new UTSA campus master plan. The plan will provide a framework for future physical development of the three UTSA campuses, as UTSA becomes the next great Texas university. As part of the master planning process, consideration was given to the designation of the three UTSA campuses and the recently acquired satellite to the Main Campus.