Big Sis Advice: Black Entrepreneurs = Y.O.U.


Photo courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Kimiya Factory

Growing up, the only black entrepreneurs that I was ever aware of were famous. Actors like Will Smith, singers like Beyoncé and talk show hosts like Oprah Winfrey; and even then they were just..wealthy, famous and black in my young opinion. If you asked me what the CEO of a million dollar company looked like, I would’ve probably told you a white man with a briefcase and a fast car, constantly checking his watch on the way to his next important meeting. College is the place where I not only became familiar with the word “entrepreneur” but also met like-minded individuals. Together we created a different world where we became better known as “Black Entrepreneurs.”

Young. Opinionated. Unapologetic. (Y.O.U.) That’s what myself and five other individuals like to call ourselves. None of us are rich, famous or white. However, we got together one day and figured that our being black and beating the odds by obtaining an education allows us to stimulate intellectual modes of discussion from poverty to privilege; simultaneously encouraging different outlets of creativity.

So, we made a pact and created a business that encourages youth far and wide that Y.O.U. are a catalyst; a catalyst for change. Incorporation of edgy street fashion, pop culture dialogue via podcast and blog, as well as supporting local businesses with partnerships that make a change in the San Antonio community briefly sum up the initiative of Y.O.U. This is what this scope of black entrepreneurs have to offer for generations to come.

Calasia Haynes, Jazmyne Brooks, Biran Jallow, Briana Denson and myself are catalysts in making Y.O.U. possible. We are here to erase the white CEO stigma. We are here to paint the portrait of a black corporate America; one that teaches the youth that Will Smith, Beyoncé and Oprah aren’t just famous. They are pioneers in a generation of black people who own property, oversee their own businesses and pave the way for financial literacy.

Thank you for joining me this month in discussing Black History topics that cultivate perspective: My experiences are always open to become acquainted with yours.

For all of my Young, Opinionated and Unapologetic catalysts,
Big Sis

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