March kicks off Women’s History Month


Protestors engage in prayer. Photo by Jack Myer /The Paisano

Cate Niegos

San Antonio’s 29th Annual International Women’s Day March was held on March 2 at Milam Park. The event named, “La Lucha Sigue! Nevertheless We Persist!” brought out local members of the community. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, MOVE San Antonio and The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center gathered together for an indigenous ceremony that blessed the march before gatherers took to the street, marching to celebrate women’s history and rights.

Various chants such as, “Not the church, not the state, only we decide our fate” and “Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!” were recited as supporters marched through the streets of downtown San Antonio with police escorts.

The march included five speakers who gave their testimonies on women’s issues including trans-rights, latinx narratives and the changing of rape culture.

The first speaker was Amalia Ortiz whose message was a hybrid of English and Spanish narrative that expressed that it is okay to be loud and shocking and not a meek woman acting only to please a man.


Students from UTSA participating in the march.
Students from UTSA participating in
the march. Photo by Jack Myer / The Paisano


Anna Andrea Molina, spoke second about a personal sexual assault experience that no one believed when she reached out for help.

The third speaker was Kimiya Factory who started a movement at UTSA’s campus also known as #ChangeRapeCulture. Factory called for a fight against rape culture and promoted the acceptance of all races, sexualities and gender identities in her movement.

Jessie Gloria, the fourth speaker, told a story about her mother being physically abused at home. While trying to remove her children from this environment, Gloria’s mother lost her job, but a local women’s shelter helped get her back on her feet.

The last speaker was Barbie Hurtado who was fighting for the continuation of Planned Parenthood. Hurtado expressed that Planned Parenthood does not just provide abortions and that people should not care if women receive abortions since it is not their choice to make.

The event concluded with a call to action to maintain the fight in preserving women’s history while fighting for progressive rights in the generations to come.