For the Kids Dance Marathon hosts annual dance marathon

For the Kids Dance Marathon hosts annual dance marathon

Julia Maenius

For the Kids (FTK) Dance Marathon at UTSA, a non-profit organization, is hosting their annual dance marathon on April 6. The dance marathon contributes to much of FTK’s fundraising and the money raised will be donated to the University Hospital, whose main focus is the treatment of pediatric cancer.


“The dance marathon is our most important event because the whole UTSA community gets together to support the families that need our support,” Nawal Baki, FTK’s family relations director, said. “UTSA athletes, various registered student organizations, FTK alumni, medical staff and families attend this event. We stand for 12 hours to honor our families and support all they have endured.”

FTK’s job is to provide emotional and financial support to the families being honored at the dance. There is an hour set aside to educate those attending on the struggles and experiences these families have had.

“Many students are impacted by family hour, where families are able to speak of their journey through pediatric cancer, that the room is completely silent, and people begin to cry,” Baki said.

The emotional support that is provided at the dance marathon is mainly directed to the families in attendance that have experienced the process of pediatric cancer.

FTK invites all UTSA students to come and fill up the Convocation Center to support this cause. Students can register on RowdyLink for the event and pay the $30 entry fee to attend.

“Students can give their empathy and compassion to these families that need it most,” Baki said.