President Eighmy recieves award


Breahna Luera

The San Antonio Business Journal has announced President Taylor Eighmy as the inaugural Dealmaker of the Year. While Eighmy is not San Antonio’s first Dealmaker—someone who initiates additional infrastructure and culture to the city—he is the first to be named Dealmaker of the Year. He received this award in light of his plans to expand UTSA’s Downtown Campus.

“I think about all those who came before me, the individuals who made the transformational deals

to create some of our city’s most iconic entities, and although I’m the first person to receive this new award, I’m in very good company when it comes to the strong legacy of Dealmakers in this city,” Eighmy said.

Since the beginning of his presidency in Fall 2017, Eighmy has launched 24 strategic plans, comprehensively known as the Campus Master Plan, to elevate UTSA; the expansion of the Downtown Campus has been integral in his goal to make UTSA an “urban-serving university.” He hopes to create an extension of UTSA that enhances the education of students and better prepares them for their careers after graduation.

“I am passionate about UTSA’s ability to create prosperity and opportunity for all of San Antonio, and we are going to do that by producing the highly-skilled workforce our city and nation would need most right now,” Eighmy said.

The expansion will include adding more buildings for the cybersecurity and business programs, along with housing and other amenities so that students will be able to study solely at the Downtown Campus.

“The development of the Downtown Campus—new buildings, expanded academic programs and growing enrollment—are really going to boost the city’s economic development and knowledge economy,” Eighmy said.

The president plans to honor his new title by following through with the rest of his initiatives which include: a new athletics facility, making changes to the Main Campus with his new Master Plan and creating two new residential units on the Main Campus in order to make UTSA a better place for all.

“Reaching our ultimate destination as a model for student success and a great public research university requires a multifaceted approach, and all cylinders are firing,” Eighmy said.

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