It’s Whiskey Business for a fun night out


Kasandra Parker

The Witte Museum comes to life after hours as the local event, Whiskey Business, takes over. The event completely transforms the family-friendly business
into a memorable social event for San Antonio’s adult crowd. In The Witte’s newly renovated space, around 1,200 people danced with the dinosaurs and
perused the open parts of the museum while the DJ’s music blasted.

Hosted by the SA Current, the event showcased a wide variety of local businesses, whiskey related and not, sprinkled throughout the entire museum
grounds. Local eats like Shake Shack and The Granary offered up delicious treats such as cookie crumble ice cream with whiskey sauce glaze and samples
of smoked brisket and sausage. Businesses ranging from Sprouts, Summer Moon Coffee and New Leaf Botanicals offered up the best of their wares for the
whiskey goers.

Brand ambassadors readily offered recommendations on their favorite types of whiskey and had comprehensive knowledge of the products. Even though
the event highlighted whiskey, no booth was the same. Drinks ranged from fun infusions like lemonades and straight shots to other types of drinks like beer
and wine.

Later in the night, several whiskey distillers provided insight and first-hand knowledge of their craft, while allowing the audience to taste their creations
and understand the art of whiskey brewing. Whiskey Business highlights all of the best parts of Texan culture, wildlife and food.

The event provided a scope of what San Antonio is made of and the moving parts that make up its social culture. Whiskey Business puts The Witte on full
display pairing education with fun. Events like Whiskey Business are important for the city of San Antonio’s health because they highlight the value of local
city businesses while giving insight into Texas’s thriving whiskey brewing industry; all through a fun night out.