Black & Brown Punk Fest ’19


Photo by Kimiya Factory

Kimiya Factory

On Aug 31. at La Botanica, Xingonas in the Pit presented the second annual Black and Brown Punk Fest TX. Decolonial feminist punk collective Xingonas in the Pit strive to maintain safe spaces for people of color and decolonize stigmas surrounding gender, race and discrimination in the art scene around the San Antonio area.

“Any homophobia or negative energy will not be tolerated.” Daisy Salinas, a member of the feminist punk collective, made a safe space announcement to attendees of the event. A safe space crew was present to ensure that the important discourse of decolonizing punk music was a positive experience for those who participated.

Liberated on-lookers of the crowd bobbed their heads and smiled with gratitude as musical acts by Dregs, Fantastico, Sacred Games, The Canancion Canabal Cabaret, Majority Bones, Ojos, V3co, Black Mercy, Dirt Pile, Kerry Melonson, Mercutio & the Constantines and Anywhere Welcomes You took the stage. Film screenings, “I Am Tx” and “Deflated” were shown at the event along with comedic interpretations of blackness in the punk scene.

Planned Parenthood San Antonio, Pray & Plot, No Whites Allowed (NWA) Zine, El Puno y Lamano, Rosa Negra, Chicle Zine, The Brown Berets, Alethia Jones and other vendors tabled to show their support for the decolonizing of punk music.

“It’s important to let people know that black and brown people have a presence in punk rock- in all types of music. Punk rock, rebellion and black and brown go hand in hand,” Pray & Plot, local artist and vendor, commented. Non-conforming souls came alive at the Black and Brown Punk Fest this weekend before everyone’s eyes in a space that many artists and people of color are demanding be maintained.