The Paisano

Black & Brown Punk Fest ’19

Photo by Kimiya Factory

Kimiya Factory

September 4, 2019

On Aug 31. at La Botanica, Xingonas in the Pit presented the second annual Black and Brown Punk Fest TX. Decolonial feminist punk collective Xingonas in the Pit strive to maintain safe spaces for people of color and decolonize stigmas surrounding gender, race and discrimination in the art scene ...

Afro can be punk?

Kimiya Factory/The Paisano

Kimiya Factory

April 2, 2019

This past weekend, journalism gifted me as it always does; but something about this assignment was different. Per usual, my woke Arts & Life editor presented me with what sounded like an obviously dope assignment: covering an event called Afropunk in the Pit. Punk music, non-conforming folks and...

Behind the Beat: The Grave Babes


October 23, 2015

The Paisano ...

SA’s own Signalman signed and to tour this summer

May 27, 2015

Photo courtesy of Signalman The dream for every local band is to get signed to a record label and tour. It takes years of hard work to grow a fan base large enough to sustain a tour. In addition, the money and time spent on recording to attract a fan response that will convince a label to sign th...

Behind the Beat: Girlband

March 22, 2015

In this episode of Behind the Beat, I meet up with Bryan, TX punk rock band, Girlband, before their set at SXSW. Listen in to find out more about the band and some local music news! Opening song: Black Pistol Fire (Austin, TX) - Crows Feet Middle song: Bad Religion (Los Angeles, CA) - American Jesus Closing song: Girlband (Bryan, TX) - Sharkweek ...