T-shirt Exchange


Students participate in T-shirt Exchange. Photo by Breahna Luera

Breahna Luera

The UTSA Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual T-shirt Exchange on the Student Union Lawn on Oct. 17. Students could donate a non-UTSA shirt in exchange for a SGA shirt while enjoying the snacks and games. The event, funded by SGA, was put together by the Student Affairs Committee.

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Senator Taylor Edwards used this event as a means to communicate with students about any comments and concerns they may have about things happening on campus.

“This is just one of the ways that we reach out,” Edwards said. “Considering the amount of people who have come out [to general assemblies] and the amount of people I have talked to in my own constituency, [the T-shirt Exchange is] a great way to talk to them.”

In addition to using the event as a way to speak to UTSA students, chair of the Student Affairs Committee, Alicia Moreno, came up with the idea to donate the t-shirts they collected to an elementary school in south San Antonio so that students will have college shirts to wear for their college day.

“If we have the opportunity to impact students to start thinking of these things early and start, not just wondering if they are going to go to college but start thinking, ‘I am going to college,’ then that’s when we start moving the needle to the right,” Moreno said. “I just saw a great opportunity to bridge the gap between this level of education and primary education.”