Planting seeds within our community

Jake Striebeck, Staff Writer

The Historic Pearl blossomed with life for the 2020 Jammin’ Jams Fruit & Nut Tree Adoption on Saturday, Jan. 25. This event was hosted by the City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation, the San Antonio Arborist Association and the Historic Pearl.

The tree adoption is an effort to beautify our city, provide families with their own source of plant life and produce, encourage gardening within our communities and promote environmental sustainability. The people of San Antonio packed the grounds of the Historic Pearl with their families, dogs, friends and neighbors as thousands of trees were handed out to the public. Apple, apricot and avocado trees, among many others, were available during the event.

Each tree came with a ticket providing information on how to cultivate each species and properly plant and establish fruit trees. An open dialogue between two experienced gardeners was held on-stage, and thousands of people waited in line for their adopted tree. People across San Antonio came to have their plant-related questions answered. Although the line was long, it gave neighbors the opportunity to meet one another, and our city’s community unified as a result.

UTSA students were among the crowd of green thumbs talking to college students from the many other universities across San Antonio. Amateur yet ambitious plant lovers came to start their first gardening endeavor while soaking in the wisdom of gardening veterans. Generations of San Antonio natives stood beside one another, sharing a love for plant life and community.

Grandparents and grandchildren spent the morning planting new roots. The 2020 Jammin’ Jams Fruit & Nut Tree Adoption brought our city together in ways bigger than imagined. The City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation, the San Antonio Arborist Association, The Historic Pearl and plant-lovers helped promote a more beautiful and sustainable tomorrow.