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The Paisano

Annual alcohol-free event designed to show students safe ways to have fun


Be a Responsible Roadrunner’s (BARR) third annual Campus Crawl was an alcohol-free event that taught students how to party safely.

The event is best described as a traditional pub crawl, with no alcohol, no bars and the message of alcohol safety and awareness.

Campus Crawl is one of our biggest events,” Mayllyn Luz, president of BARR and a senior public relations and technical communications double major, said.

“We try to cover that broad variety of topics; alcohol, drugs, safe sex and how to have fun in a responsible way,” Luz said.

The event took place at the four major on-campus student-housing complexes. Each complex had a different theme: University Oaks held a tailgate party, Laurel Village had the atmosphere of a house party, Chaparral Village hosted a rave party and Chisholm Hall summed up the evening describing self-responsibility. Each complex also served different foods, non-alcoholic drinks, games, prizes and a safety message.

University Oak’s safety message involved reacting to alcohol poisoning. A group of resident assistants acted out a scenario where one girl got alcohol poisoning and blacked out. While most were in on the skit, Myron Gaines, freshman biology major, jumped right in to check the student’s vital signs.

“I was a lifeguard for three years,” Gaines said, “I’ve seen this happen before. I would rather be the dumb one and jump in, than stand around and do nothing at all. I was just about to dial 911 too, but my phone shut off.”

Once the confusion had been cleared up, the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) gave a lecture on how to care for someone who has passed out from alcohol poisoning and praised Gaines for his actions.

Luz said that BARR has a similar scenarios to help inform the students on what to do in case of an emergency.

Students who showed up for the event did not mind that there was not alcohol and praised the BARR for its message of how to be safe.

“I think it’s good,” Crystal Cox, freshman education major, said.

Luz said the event itself helps get the message across that a person does not necessarily need outside substances to have a good time.

“I just feel that alcohol and drugs are such a big obstacle throughout the entire nation,” Luz said.

“I feel very blessed to be surrounded by a group of people who really care about their peers and try to get that message across.”

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