Next Up: Key Glock & Young Dolph


Key Glock and Young Dolph take the stage at The Aztec Theater. Photos by Raekwon Campbell

Ryan Houston-Dial and Kayla Burford

On Friday, Feb. 21, hundreds lined up outside San Antonio’s The Aztec Theatre to witness Key Glock and Young Dolph’s sold out “No Rules” tour. The line wrapped around the theater and excitement spread throughout the crowd. Most of the concert-goers made it inside the venue by 8 p.m., and the general admission floor was packed. Screams came from every direction as the crowd became impatient to see the duo take the stage.

The set opened up with local DJ Henny K, who was tasked with getting the crowd ready for Key Glock and Young Dolph. He played several songs that loosened up the crowd and people from within the crowd were invited on stage. After his set finished, out came a close friend of Young Dolph, who performed a short stand-up set that had the crowd in hysterics. Additionally, he introduced Kenny Muney, an up-and-coming rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, who performed two songs.

After some silence, the curtain dropped and Key Glock ran out performing his song “Dough” off his newest album, “Yellow Tape.” The crowd erupted in cheer, lifting their cell phones to capture Key Glock’s performance. The crowd sang “Dough” word for word, and Key Glock sat back and observed the crowd going crazy. After Glock performed a variety of his most popular songs, he asked the crowd if they wanted to hear “Dum and Dummer,” his joint album with Young Dolph. This prompted Young Dolph’s arrival to the stage, causing the crowd to once again burst into cheers.

After the two performed many songs from their joint album, Young Dolph took over the stage for his solo performance. He performed his hit songs “100 Shots,” “Major” and many more. As Young Dolph rapped, fans matched every word during the entire concert.