Dean of students holds well-being forums


Haley Jones

Dean of Students LT Robinson informs attendees about the President’s Initiative on Enriching Campus Wellbeing. The next event for this initiative will be the Wellbeing fair on March 3.

Breahna Luera and Haley Jones

LT Robinson, dean of students and senior vice provost for academic affairs, sent out an email on Feb. 14 that informed students about three forums on the President’s Initiative on Enriching Campus Wellbeing. The forums occurred on Feb. 18 in the Denman Ballroom on Main Campus, Feb. 20 in the Buena Vista Assembly Room at the Downtown Campus and Feb. 24 in the Hidalgo Room on Main Campus.

The forums were open to all students, faculty and staff to further inform them about the initiative and give them an opportunity to provide feedback to the leads of the initiative: Tammy Wyatt, vice provost for student success; Melissa Hernandez, director of counseling and mental health services; Mary Diaz, chief of staff in the Office of the President; and Robinson.

Diaz said the purpose of the forums and initiative were to “implement lasting policy change and promote primary convention by educating students, faculty and staff about the importance of well-being.”

“The framework that we are taking with this initiative follows a model that has been adopted by numerous institutions of higher education and professional organizations and looks at well-being from a global and well-rounded perspective,” Wyatt said. “What we hope to accomplish through this initiative is looking at all eight dimensions that encompass well-being.”

Margaret Floyd, director of student development and leadership, expressed her concerns on well-being beyond the UTSA students, faculty and staff.

“Another important group you need to be considering are families,” Floyd said. “Our students, particularly with a large population of first-generation students, are really connected with their families, and when their families struggle, our students struggle, and that means a closer connection with our community. Our well-being here at UTSA is also the well-being of San Antonio and the broader community as well.”

Lucas Orlando, senior finance and economics major, asked why UTSA is pursuing a campus initiative instead of focusing on students like other universities’ mental health initiatives do. Robinson said the university wants faculty and staff to be informed about the program and model wellness to students.

At the end of each forum, Robinson encouraged attendees who gave feedback to join either the faculty and staff or student committee to give continued input on programming and events that will be a part of this initiative.

The next Campus Wellbeing Initiative event is the Wellbeing Fair, which will be held on Main Campus on Tuesday, March 3, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Paseo Room. To find updates, sign up to be part of the student or faculty coalitions, or for more information on the initiative, visit