Don’t let $15 leave you stranded

Editorial Board

The Transportation Fee Referendum will be held on March 3-4, and students will have the opportunity to vote on a $15 increase to the current $20 student fee, totaling $35. Students should vote a resounding “yes” to this increase.

The Runner is a shuttle service that students used over 1.7 million times in 2019, according to Campus Services. For a commuter campus, The Runner is imperative to UTSA student success.

If the $15 increase does not pass, there will be severely reduced services for all routes, especially Route 43, the primary shuttle coming from the West Campus Lots. Route 13, running from East Campus Lots, will be cut entirely. Various routes servicing off-campus apartment complexes will also be reduced.

In addition to route services being cut, failure to pass this referendum will result in the firing of approximately 15 to 18 drivers.

This $20 fee has not increased since 2008, over a decade ago. In 2008, The Runner served 4,000 fewer students, less routes and a ridership of 800,000 — less than half of last year’s ridership. The proposed increase would provide an additional $481,515 to the transportation budget. This fee increase will protect The Runner’s current operational capacity.

Students should vote to contribute a small sum that ensures all students can attend class. Saving routes, services and jobs is worth a $15 increase. To do this, vote “yes” to the transportation fee referendum on RowdyLink come March 3-4.