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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

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MONROE, Ohio– An Ohio husband and wife are both undergoing treatment for breast cancer in a case that illustrates how the disease can strike both sexes.

Mike and Barbara Welsh of Monroe in southwestern Ohio each had surgery this year after separate discoveries that they had breast cancer.

Barbara, 63, had surgery in January, went through chemotherapy and is now starting radiation treatments.

After surgery in July, her sixty-two-year-old husband is determining the next step in his recovery, which may include chemotherapy and radiation. He had a modified radical mastectomy on his right breast.

Mike Welsh says he is speaking up about his cancer to make other men aware that breast cancer is not just something that strikes women.

“If I could help 10 people or 100, that’s a start,” said Welsh, a retired AK Steel bricklayer.

Male breast cancer is still rare, with about 1,900 cases expected to be diagnosed this year, with about 44 men dying from the illness.

Mike Welsh first noticed something was wrong when he got into his car and felt discomfort as he strapped the seat belt across his chest.

After his wife began her treatments, he asked his doctor if men could get breast cancer.


EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. – East Longmeadow police suspect teenagers are responsible for vandalizing several cars, including one that was covered in barbecue sauce.

Police say the vandalism occurred early Saturday near the Hamden line.

There were the classic signs of teen vandals, including trees covered in toilet paper.

Police say some cars also were spray painted with initials.

Officers received about six complaints, including one from a man who found his car covered in barbecue sauce. No arrests had been made Sunday.


NEW YORK – Don’t be alarmed if Bernard Madoff comes knocking this Halloween.

The real Madoff pleaded guilty to a decades-long Ponzi scheme that cost investors millions of dollars. The New York financier is now serving a 150-year prison sentence.

But he’ll be joining the witches and ghosts on spook night.

Madoff masks are at retail stores and on Web sites that sell costumes. One firm that makes a rubber Madoff mask, Rubie’s Costume Company, has distributed more than 15,000 of them to stores across the country.


LAKE GROVE, N.Y. – A woman posing as a fortune teller is accused of trying to scam a Long Island woman out of more than a thousand dollars by leading her to believe she was cursed.

Police say a 22-year-old woman was arrested Friday at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove in an undercover sting.

They say that an 18-year-old Smithtown woman reported that she was approached by a woman at the mall claiming to be a fortune teller on Sept. 7. After initial readings that cost $25 and $100, two days later police say the fake psychic told the Smithtown woman she was cursed.

Police say the fake psychic then offered to have it removed for $1,250.

After a $600 down payment, the fake psychic gave the woman a stone and a Ziploc bag of body wash.


SAN DIEGO –A man in his 70s has robbed a bank branch inside a San Diego supermarket.

Police investigators say the man handed a teller a note demanding cash Friday at the U.S. Bank. The man said he had a gun, but no weapon was seen.

He escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

In one robbery, a suspect with a similar description was carrying an oxygen tank.

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