Letter from Editor-in-Chief Rudy Sanchez

Rudy Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief


Dear Reader,

Since 1981, The Paisano has served the UTSA community with its independent reporting of campus events. Despite the current pandemic of COVID-19 and UTSA’s recent halting of operations, The Paisano’s 40-year commitment to the UTSA community is not going away.

Over the last few weeks, our team of student leaders has diligently covered the latest events related to the spread of the disease and how it has affected the lives of UTSA students, faculty and staff. We fully understand the seriousness of this issue, and we are committed to maintaining a rate of publishing that is beneficial to you.

Until conditions are safe for students to return to their on-campus classes, The Paisano will halt printing physical copies of newspapers and magazines. However, we will continue the production of web-exclusive content for our News, Opinion, Arts & Life and Sports sections. 

We are currently implementing best practices that are safest for you and our staff. Until further notice, we will not host any of our weekly general meetings, and our editorial staff will primarily work remotely.

It’s important to remain informed on developing issues, and it’s even more critical for us to uphold our responsibility to provide you with content that serves that purpose. We will also continue updating you on the state of UTSA sports, highlighting San Antonio life and culture, and sharing fresh perspectives from our diverse community.

I admire the courage and leadership exhibited by student journalists across San Antonio and the country. Despite sudden campus and dormitory closures, student leaders are maintaining their commitment to their communities while being directly affected by the issues on which they report. 

The Paisano will follow their example and remain an important source for updates related to the UTSA community. 

Follow our social media accounts for quick updates, and monitor our website for full-length reporting.







Rudy Sanchez, editor-in-chief