San Fran Giants

Jose Bouquett

A bucket- list item for all die-hard baseball fans is to receive a classic Buster Posey hug. The San Francisco Giants took Major League Baseball by storm in the early portion of this decade by achieving three World Series victories in the span of five seasons.

Posey was heralded as the captain behind the plate, calling the defenses and managing his pitching staff into becoming a strong force in the National League. A memorable moment for Giants fans was their star catcher, Posey running and hugging the pitcher who recorded the final out of a monumental moment. From multiple no-hitters by his starting pitchers to each of his three World Series wins, Posey was always there to greet the pitcher and become the bedrock of the ensuing dogpile on the pitcher’s mound.

Future Hall of Fame manager, Bruce Bochy, created a juggernaut of a team, but only in even-numbered years. They won World Series trophies in 2010, 2012 and 2014 before their winning streak was snapped in 2016. Bochy’s assistance creating rosters made the Giants as successful as they were. Creating a pitching staff that was able to bolster names like Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and postseason legend Madison Bumgardner while maintaining a top tier offense was the catalyst to their success.

The life cycle of the Giants is running its course as the end of the decade signals the end of an era for Bochy. Bochy will be stepping down as Giants manager after the 2019 season completing the decade with three championships, the most in the decade, and solidifying Giant’s Hall of Fame career for multiple players including Posey, Bumgardner, Brandon Crawford, Pablo Sandoval and many more. Their fall signals the growth of a new dynasty in the American League the Houston Astros.

Their consistent success at the end of the decade is almost unmatched, and they will be favorites to continue their dominance into the next decade.