Alex Hanks, Opinion Editor

At the time this article is being written, the Golden State Warriors are currently ranked at the bottom of the NBA, with a 1:1000 chance of winning the NBA Finals. Point guard Stephen Curry, shooting guard/small forward Klay Thompson and power forward Draymond Green are plagued with injuries, and the Warriors starting lineup is filled with players you would not recognize if you saw them on the street.

Things weren’t always like this. Golden State is regarded as one of the best sports dynasties of all time, mentioned in conversations with Michael Jordan’s squad consisting, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

Curry solidified himself as arguably the greatest shooter of all time, averaging almost four three-pointers made per game on only eight attempts. This in itself changed the culture of basketball, with players in youth leagues all the way to the pros trying to model their game after him.

The case is similar with a slightly less flashy Klay Thompson, who still holds the record for most three-pointers in a game with 14 against the Chicago Bulls in 2018.

Klay and Stephen, called “The Splash Brothers,” hold 11 out of 15 spots on the list of most made three-pointers in a single game. If that wasn’t enough, the dynamic defense of Draymond Green as a power forward allowed the ball to be in the hands of this star-powered Warriors squad.

In what felt like a fever dream, NBA All-Star, scoring title champion and former MVP Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to add another powerful player to an already overpowered Golden State roster. Durant’s tenure with the Warriors stirred two more championships wins in 2017 and 2018.

Point guard Stephen Curry innovated how the game is played with his record-shattering perimeter offense. Kids across America have centered their game on the three-pointer, and Curry is to blame.

Every so often, the world of sports is blessed with a generational type of player. This player revolutionizes their craft and develops a very niche playing style that even the best athletes make an effort to mirror their game after.

The Warriors three championships in the 2010s solidified them as a staple of this decade in sports. Their wins are important, but the team’s impact on the landscape of the league sets them apart from other winning organizations. Sure, we could take a deep dive into the statistics of this super team, but what impacted the game more is the playing style Golden State brought to the court.

This dynasty’s five straight finals appearances (2015-2019) with three championships made them not only a team of the decade but a team that can be mentioned with the likes of Jordan’s Bulls and Bill Russell’s Celtics.