The Bachelor

Tali Duarte, Assistant Magazine Editor

Oh my god, who is the rose going to? Please don’t be Luke. Please, oh please. I swear, if she picks Luke I will never watch this show again.

“Luke,” she says.

What the hell?

Okay, ladies, the wine is out, the TV is on, and our emotions are high. Yes, “The Bachelor” is live on television, and it’s the sole reason I asked off from work on Monday nights. The bachelor or bachelorette starts off with 30 contestants who are then eliminated throughout the process in hopes of ending the season with a proposal and a potential spouse. The overdramatic contestants, the lavish travel locations and steamy make-out scenes are what make this show binge-worthy. The show has recently made headlines for having the first African-American woman as the bachelorette, a same-sex relationship aired and a man jumping over a fence for a woman. Moments like these are what make this show as successful as it is.

The sensual franchise has been around way longer than I’ve been watching it. Premiering in 2002 as “The Bachelor,” first bachelor Alex Michel courted 25 women. This led to spin-offs including “The Bachelorette,” where a woman courts 30 men to be her potential husband, and “Bachelor in Paradise,” where past contestants hit it off with each other on a beach, and many other franchises. Despite speculations on how the show was constructed, it became a success on American television. However, the show gained traction in the past several years with the help of social media. Fans, including myself, take to Twitter and Instagram, filing the sites with viral memes, live recordings and talks of the show. Past contestants of the show also give their take on the juicy gossip.

The heavily produced show does have its critics, but at the end of the day, it is pure entertainment. The latest season of “The Bachelor” with Peter Weber premiered in Jan 2020. So, don’t talk to me on Monday nights, I’ll be too busy bawling my eyes out.