Alex Hanks, Opinion Editor

Texas-based collective BROCKHAMPTON innovated hip-hop with a dynamic and diverse collection of artists. Formulated in 2015 and headed by Corpus Christi native, Kevin Abstract, the San Marcos-based rap collective pioneered inclusivity in the rap game.

The diversity of BROCKHAMPTON, a band with black, white and gay members, impacted the hip-hop community. Making a push for LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the hip-hop realm has given other gay rappers like Jaden Smith and Lil Nas X a chance to coexist in a community that has long been homophobic.

Drawing influences from alternative rap artists such as Kid Cudi and the Odd Future collective, the group paved their own path by completely disregarding masculinity in hip-hop — a move that was long overdue for the genre.

You can hear BROCKHAMPTON’s growth throughout their discography from their debut album, “All-American Trash,” to their most recent project, “GINGER.”. The group progressively integrates more versatility into their music and blends genres, which establishes BROCKHAMPTON as one of the most influential collectives in the past decade.

Looking to the next decade, the group is only going to continue to grow. With a myriad of nationally syndicated performances on shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” mixed with their consistently sold-out shows, it is safe to say that BROCKHAMPTON is here to stay.