Brysen Streeter, Web Editor

Over the last 10 years, no artist has had a bigger impact then Drake, aka Champagne Papi, aka Six God, aka light-skin Keith Sweat. What guy hasn’t sat at the edge of their bed listening to “Marvin’s Room” on repeat? What girl hasn’t cried to “Too Good for You”? Whose relative hasn’t jumped out of their car in the middle of traffic to do an awful dance to “In My Feelings”?

Even though this change started in 2009, the bulk of his impact came during the 2010s. From having the most charted singles by a solo artist to spending the most consecutive weeks on the Hot 100 at 431 weeks, he shattered records and became a megastar across the world. His discography spans multiple genres, reaching billions of people.

Drake’s influence goes beyond the scope of music. He’s an icon who has created unforgettable moments and countless memes. I know my Drake haters out there will scream until their eyes are bloodshot that he’s a culture vulture, he has ghostwriters and, the favorite, he’s too soft. Even if these were all true, they don’t take away from everything he’s given us this past decade. The bottom line is, love it or hate it, Drake is one of the most influential artists of this decade.