University dorms experience internet outage during first week of the fall semster

Breahna Luera, News Editor

UTSA dorms had an internet outage on Wednesday for roughly ten hours. Kevin Reichle, chief operating officer of Apogee, the company responsible for the university dorms’ internet services, said it was caused by a cut fiber that was “likely the result of vandalism.” 

“When the outage happened, teams were deployed to investigate and pinpoint the cause,” Reichle said. “Upon identifying the problem area, the local provider repaired the fiber optic span and restored services to a stable condition.”

According to Reichle, cut fibers are rare but can be caused by construction and natural disasters in addition to vandalism. 

We deeply regret the disruption in service and the inconvenience this caused,” said an email sent by the Apogee team to on-campus residents on Friday. “We understand the importance of a stable internet connection in all environments, especially the university environment, especially during these times of online learning.”