Paisano Poets

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Illustration by Alex Hanks


hearts beating


hearts beating fast 

while hands were shaking

awkward jokes and poking fun in attempt to stall

it was almost time; you feared my answer

as you breathed in courage, it came out

“will you be my girlfriend” 

hearts beating fast 

not in fear but because of

the happiness of a blossoming relationship


hearts beating fast

the thrill of the rollercoasters mixed with the thrill 

of being with the one you would grow to love like no other

hearts beating fast at the end of the day

when our lips first touched, releasing what would become an 

avalanche of love


hearts beating fast

wandering the barren halls in attempt

to find an intimate space 

hiding from the rest of the world

completely engulfed in our embraces

hearts beating fast in fear of our own feelings

as we let those three little words slip from our lips

hearts beating fast 

never wanting to let this happiness die


hearts beating fast 

as we begin to find out why 

they say true love takes a lot of work

hearts beating fast

full of fear and jealousy but only because

we love each other so much

how could we not be selfish in wanting

this connection to be only ours


hearts beating fast

as the anger rushes into our hearts 

and out of our fingertips

hearts beating fast

as we compose meaningless messages full of hurt

only written to let the other know

just how much we cared about

everything the other did


hearts beating fast

as we pick up the phone and talk for hours

and communicate about the misunderstandings

hearts beating fast

as the calm rushes over us and we realize 

no fight is worth losing our loving minds over


hearts beating fast

as the years go by and we fall deeper and deeper

into this blackhole that we call love

as our warm bodies 

do the sacred dance of love

oh all the days I spent

in the safety of your arms

hearing your…


heart beating fast


as you tell me your dreaded secret

you confess the sins you committed

on that holy Sunday

hearts beating fast

as I can feel my heart being torn to pieces


hearts beating fast

as I spend sleepless nights

asking God for a sign

hearts beating fast

as a wave of forgiveness overcomes me

and I come back

willing to love you endlessly

forcing myself to heal in the quiet

of anxiety filled nights because

I just couldn’t let you go yet


hearts beating fast

as you promise to me, my mom, and the world

that you’ll never let me down again

hearts beating fast

as the intimacy grew more difficult 

for me to engage in but

I got over it because 

you made my 


heart beat fast

every time I looked into those golden brown eyes

ran my hands through your thick brown hair

and listened to your angelic laugh

as our hearts beat fast


in all the bliss of blind love


hearts beating fast

as you say this is the end

and you have to go your own way

hearts beating fast

as the best days of our lives come to an end

and we prepare to face new journeys on our own 

hearts beating fast

as we embrace one last time

saying those three words that used to

make my heart beat fast


now my heart beats fast

as it gets thrown around my chest

at your every beck and call

I will remain loyal to you

even as you are dancing our dance with someone else

but this time I cant be mad

I shouldn’t have expected so much of you

but what could I say

every time your name escaped my lips

my heart was


beating fast

as I had to breathe in my own courage

to say goodbye to my world

my home

my best friend

hearts beating fast

as we part for as long as I can tell

my lonely heart beats fast

for all I know is disappointment

because I never thought someone

who made your heart beat so fast

could ever let you down


hearts beating fast

as we face the fact 

we may never know each other again

dance again

laugh again 


hearts beating fast

as I learn how to live on my own

and try to find someone

who makes my heart beat fast

just as you once did