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Ready for online voting?


Recent problems with redistricting could be a thing of the past for Texas voters thanks to an online voting system for presidential primary candidate elections called With this system, Americans can bypass the current presidential primary nomination system by being able to choose a third-party candidate.

Americans Elect is the first national online presidential primary voting website that allows registered voters to gain access to ballots in all 50 states by the time the presidential primary elections are held.

Texas redistricting has been a harrowing experience for many according to former congressman, Ciro Rodriguez.

“Texas Legislature unfairly allowed racial bias and discriminatory practices to infect their maps,” Rodriguez said. “Those maps, and to a great extent these interim maps, disenfranchise minority voters across the state and deny them the opportunity to elect the candidates of their choice.”

For San Antonio, this means that there will be map divisions that will redistrict areas drastically.

“The interim maps divide communities across the southside of Bexar County into four congressional districts, and Travis County is divided into five congressional districts,” Rodriguez said. “Harlandale has been particularly fractured, being divided into three separate congressional districts. This is what is called fracturing…when a solid community who votes in a solid block for their interests has been fractured so that there is no more political power.”

Because of the ongoing redistricting issues, Texas voters are being forced to wait until late May to choose a candidate for president.

Americans Elect provides some relief to the redistricting fight and makes it easier to elect a third candidate online without having to deal with the delay of redistricting borders.

“By the end of May, the two-party system will be all but closed, leaving an important state like Texas on the sidelines during this critical presidential primary,” COO of Americans Elect Elliot Ackerman said. “Americans Elect offers Texans and all American voters a third option for this year’s presidential election through the first online nominating process to elect a nonpartisan ticket in this nation’s history.”

According to Americans Elect, the advantage to their system, as opposed to the traditional primary election process, is that instead of having only two choices for president, usually a Republican representative and a Democratic representative, voters can now choose an additional candidate. This would offer voters more variety according to their individual priorities. works by asking nine core questions having to do with current political issues. For example, one of the questions is: When you think about the U.S. budget deficit, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion? After answering, the voter then answers the next question addressing another issue such as healthcare. Each question has a list of answers that voters can choose from according to their preference. The answers are matched with the candidate who best matches the voters’ interests.

Once the nine core questions are completed, a pie chart is generated which shows the issues from most to least important according to how the voter answered. The pie chart can then be used to determine which candidate best suits the voter’s needs.

Voters are then redirected to a list of candidates sorted by their stances on the issues and by number of supporters. From there, voters can pick a presidential candidate to support on and be ready for the primary. The website also has a countdown of days until the ballot for primary voting appears with a third candidate chosen completely by online voting.

According to the Reason Foundation on Americans Elect’s website, 80 percent of voters would consider an alternative presidential ticket in the upcoming election, and over 18 million match questions have been answered by Americans eager for a greater voice. has collected more than 80 percent of the 2.9 million signatures needed for national ballot access, allowing all Americans to participate in picking a president not selected by the political establishment. Americans Elect informs voters on the issues and allows them the freedom to choose a third candidate with a secure national online voting system.

The three most popular choices for a third candidate are: Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), Jon Huntsman (R-UT) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Americans Elect’s website has been featured on In The News, PBS, The New York Times, MSNBC, The Daily Beast and The Colbert Report to name a few.

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