The State Fair of Texas hosts fair food drive-thru


Photo courtesy of Kayla Burford

Kayla Burford, Social Media Director

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Fair of Texas has found a way to keep the fall spirit alive. The fair food drive-thru experience, held in Dallas, Texas, began on Sept. 25 and will come to an end on Oct. 18. The fairgrounds will be operating Friday through Sunday at three available time slots ranging from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Along with a time slot, visitors must also purchase a fair food package prior to attending the event.

Every year, the State Fair of Texas brings loved ones together to enjoy exclusive fair food, games and an overall fun experience. 

“Growing up in Texas, the fair has always been part of my favorite childhood memories,” said Dallas native Jada Teague. 

Though the fairgrounds cannot hold their normal operations due to COVID-19 guidelines, they have put together a new experience for guests to enjoy. The drive-thru experience includes a fair food package filled with past favorites including fried Oreos, Fletcher’s corny dogs, cotton candy and more.

Following the food tents, guests are allowed to exit their cars while staying six feet apart with masks on to take a picture in front of the famous 55-foot tall Big Tex figure. 

Lastly, the State Fair of Texas gave its guests an interactive experience by creating drive-thru games in which you can win small or even large prizes. 

Following the opening weekend of the fair food drive-thru, the State Fair of Texas had to make a number of changes to ensure a good experience for fairgoers. As more people found out about this small getaway during the pandemic, food packages began to sell out and attendance numbers increased way beyond initial expectations. Some attending the first days of the fair waited in lines for up to two hours in order to reach the gates. 

The State Fair of Texas made some accommodations for those who may find themselves in long lines. Family puzzles and games were placed throughout the line to keep guests occupied while they waited. A Big Tex mascot walked around the line taking pictures with children and allowed memories to be captured. Though the wait was very long for some, many believed it was worth every second. 

“The line was frustrating, but once I got inside and enjoyed the food, I completely forgot about the wait,” said drive-thru fairgoer Kelsey Sparks. 

Though the State Fair of Texas was not able to operate normally, it will still be an event to remember. During these challenging times, this event represented positivity and joy for many. The fair food drive-thru serves as a small getaway for families and friends to come together and celebrate with one another.