A.C.T. for UTSA

As part of a an 80 million dollar project to improve youth and amateur athletic facilities, UTSA may receive $15 million if Proposition Two is passed in a vote on May 10.

Beginning April 28-May 6 voting booths will be available on the ground floor of UTSA’s Main Building for early voting. Proposition Two is part of the “Athletics. Culture. Tourism.” (A.C.T.) proposition package that is a collection of improvement proposals to be funded through a “visitors tax.”

A.C.T. is divided into four sections-river expansion and improvements project, youth and amateur athletic facilities, community arenas, rodeo grounds enhancements and performing and cultural arts facilities that total to 415 million dollars.

The 15 million dollars UTSA may receive will go towards the construction of a Division I sports complex that will feature new soccer, baseball, softball stadiums, tennis courts a practice field and much more.

The sports complex is one of the many steps towards UTSA’s Division I status and a practice site for a future football team.

For more information on the improvements for youth and amateur athletic facilities and the A.C.T., visit www.actforsanantonio.com.