Conquering oily skin, it’s all about embracing the process

Robyn Castro, Assistant Photo Editor

Robyn Castro

After half a decade of obsessing over having “good skin,” I cannot say there is one magical set of products that gave me what I wanted. The reality is that our skin is always changing depending on our hormones, the foods we eat and the liquids we consume. Someone you know may have your skin type, but that does not necessarily mean the same products will work for both of you.

I have always had oily skin, and what I’ve found that helps the most is keeping a daily routine. In the morning, my skin usually has built-up oils sitting on it, so I use a cleanser. Although I may have cleansed my face the night before, I do not want those oils that were produced overnight to sit on my face all day, and since my skin is oily, it can take more than one cleanse a day. 

When picking a cleanser, you should pick one with salicylic acid, which is highly effective on oily skin. After cleansing in the morning, I use a water-based gel moisturizer and sunscreen. You want your face to always be protected, so use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Also, never neglect the neck; just like your face, your neck needs to be cleansed, moisturized and covered with sunscreen. 

Before bed, I cleanse again and use a toner to get off any residue that may be left behind. When picking a toner, you should attempt to pick ones containing mainly salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid. These acids work well to even the texture of oily skin. Next, I moisturize again and put on a retinol cream plus any facial oil or serum I may be using. 

There is often the misconception that oily skin does not need any additional oils. This is false. The oils produced by your face do not benefit you like oil products. You can buy oil and serum products for a targeted reason such as brightening your complexion or getting rid of dark spots. 

Depending on what products you choose to use, you want to put on the thinnest substance first, then the next thinnest and so on. 

Later on in life, you will appreciate the time you have taken to care for your skin. Learn to embrace your skin type, and enjoy the process of your skin care routine. Make your routine a ritual that you continue to modify over time as you learn more about your skin.