Former Ivory Coast leader captured

On April 11 former Ivory Coast president Laurent Ghagbo was captured following months of different diplomats pleading with Gbagbo to step down.

Gbagbo assumed the presidency in 2000, but in 2010 when he was defeated by Alassane Outtara, Gbagbo refused to step down.

Gbagbo was able to continue to rule by paying the salaries of soldiers and civil servants.

These soldiers comprised the violent forces against civilian protests, resulting in a civil war. Business began to shut down, employees lost jobs and civilians had to scrounge for food.

France, the United Nations and the United States eventually stepped in after witnessing the events.

“I still don’t understand how an electoral dispute in Ivory Coast can bring on the interference of the French Army,” Gbagbo said.

After a week-long siege of his residence helicopters surrounded Gbagbo’s house and he finally surrendered.

Though Ouattara won the election in 2010, Gbagbo supporters see the new president as forced upon them.

Currently Gbagbo is being held up at a lagoon-side resort with his wife.

Ironically, the security protecting Ouattara at the resort is also the security that is protecting Gbagbo.