Meet the Candidates

Eddie Sanchez, Staff Writer

Election season is upon UTSA. Meet the candidates who are running to fill executive positions and senator seats in the Student Government Association (SGA). Polls are open from Mar. 1 to Mar. 5 and the link to vote can be found on the Student Government page on Rowdylink

Executive Positions:

Jose Escabdeo- Candidate for President

Jose Escobedo is a junior political science major and has been in the SGA since he was a freshman. Escobedo has served as a senator, a committee chair and as the current Vice President of SGA. His three platforms revolve around foundation building, referring to his hopes of SGA being more professional and consistent, academic success, the acknowledgment that academic curriculum must be ever-evolving and building and maintaining relationships, which refers to the need to reach out to organizations across campus and with the administration. 


Bennett Rosin- Candidate for President

Bennett Rosin is an accounting major in his final year at the College of Business. His main approach is to increase student morale, empowerment of student voices and improve campus safety. He understands the transition back to in-person learning will not be easy but is ready to take on all precautions. Rosin stated, “I hope to create, with your help, a campus that is accessible, innovative and collaborative.”


Jasmin Paquet-Durand Ford- Candidate for Vice President

Jasmin Paquet-Durant Ford is a sophomore economics major who has a semester of involvement in the SGA. Being the College of Business Senator, Jasmin has embraced how impactful her position can create change for the betterment. Her platforms revolve around campus sustainability and strengthening the SGA. She is here to represent and serve the student body, but claims this can only be accomplished if the engagement with the UTSA community is elevated. 


Octavio “Tavo” Viramontes- Candidate for Vice President

Octavio “Tavo” Viramontes is a civil engineering major in his junior year. Octavio speaks highly on boosting not only UTSA but all of San Antonio. He believes opening new opportunities through current or new partnerships with other local organizations or institutions will be very beneficial for relationship strength. Viramontez also plans to expand campus sustainability by adding more sidewalks, trails and bike lanes so the community can explore the campus more freely. 


Shaca Sweet- Candidate for Secretary 

Patrick Lebherz- Candidate for Treasurer

Senator Positions:

Candidates for Graduate Students:

James Hernandez

Candidates for College of Science- Five seats available

Yailen Gomez 

Mason Bourque

Andreas Christodoulou

Manuel(Alex) Rodriguez 

Candidates for College of Engineering

Bailey Gomez

Candidates for College of Business- Five seats available  

Maria Viramontes

Daniel Pacora

Joshua Carter

Candidates for College of Liberal and Fine Arts- Five seats available

Zachary Nepote

Elias Hudson

Shaca Sweet

Melissa Montelongo

Jonathan Carawan

Candidates for College of Education and Human Development- Two seats available 

Joshua Clenin

Candidates for College of Health, Community and Policy- Five seats available 

Gabriel Lugo

Nina Davis 

Candidates for Senior Senator- Four seats available

Sarah Larios

Kailee Scott

Candidates for Junior Senator- Four seats available

Paul Pradia

Jasmin Paquet- Durand Ford

Candidates for Sophomore Senator- Four seats available

Ronald Garcia

Isabella(Bella) Nieto