Then and Now

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Kennedy Bustos, Marketing Manager

I lose my breath chasing a temporary high…

am I the villain in the story of my life?

My heart is a bullet, my mind is a knife.

I catch my death clinging to a permanent goodbye.

This wretched place we call our home,

pulled us closer, loved us sober…

gained our trust, wrecked us over, 

and left our minds to roam.

The only god I worship is my state of mind.

Too good to be true. Too true to be good.

Her gilded temples and evergreen shrine, 

I believe in her more than any soul could.

She promised me Heaven, so I promised to stay.

She’s night without stars,

 and I’m dawn with no grace…

yet somehow we’ve made it this far.